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We believe in protecting you and your family from life’s unexpected and unwelcoming events by recommending and implementing the most appropriate insurance policies. Forward planning and correct protection products can offer reassurance and peace of mind so you can focus on what is really important to you without compromising your lifestyle.

We cannot predict what lies ahead but it is essential to plan for scenarios that may arise such as poor health and wellbeing or inability to work. We aim to provide you with security and peace of mind that should any unfortunate events occur you are confident that your financial health is not in jeopardy and that you will be able to look after your loved ones.

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“In the past, I have always trusted my bank where I met Amit to help me with managing finances and giving me the best advice. I realised how much better off I am now using him as an independent financial adviser who can access far better and wider products to meet my financial objectives.

Amit invested his time in finding out about my needs before giving me any advice. It was only after he understood my requirements that he would advise me most appropriate insurance products suited to me. I am very happy and thankful with the way things have turned out and it really is a load off my mind. After experiencing the kind of professional he is and how he conducts his business, I have decided to take his advice on all my financial needs including protection, pension and investment.”

Sunil Mankad
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