Don’t just dream your future. Plan it.

We’re here to help you when you’re concerned or worried about what the future looks like and whether you’ll have enough to live your desired lifestyle.

Will you have enough to retire at the age you want to? Can you afford for your child go to the school/university you want them to attend? Are you able to invest in a second property or new family home?

Expert IFP create bespoke and tailored financial plans so you know exactly ‘how much is enough to live your desired lifestyle’ now and well into the future. Every client and their circumstances are different and because of this, we provide a variety of services.

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By your side every step of the way

Not only are our services tailored to your precise needs but they are designed to take account of your financial concerns and circumstances. We will consider any plans you may already have in place and offer sound recommendations on how we can help you achieve your lifetime desire. Our carefully formulated six-stage process ensures we understand in great detail, your current financial health and your end goal, enabling us to make recommendations suited to you and your current circumstances.

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Initial Discovery Meeting

Every plan we put in place starts with you, which is why we insist every new client has an initial discovery meeting. The perfect opportunity for us to get to know you, your family and for you to get to know us by asking any questions you feel necessary. We feel that taking this time to talk and understand you, as well as your hopes and goals for the future, is the only way to start your journey and to ultimately help us help you attain the lifestyle you desire.

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Information Gathering

As with any journey in life, we need clear direction. Where are you beginning? Where is your end goal? With your help, we’ll review your current financial health, lifestyle and circumstances. Once we’ve painted a clear picture, we’ll then undertake a full analysis to examine any potential risks that you may be open to.

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Research & Recommendation

Taking everything we’ve learned about you, your lifestyle and your circumstances from our previous meetings, we’ll start to form the fundamentals of your bespoke plan closely focusing on your financial priorities and what is important to you. We will use a cashflow planning tool to ensure we have stress-tested potential scenarios to reassure you that all potential outcomes of your plan have been reviewed and that we have chosen the most appropriate route to your desired future.

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Presentation Meeting

The stage I’m sure you’ve been waiting for. Once our recommendations are ready we’ll present them to you in a manner that is clear, truthful and understandable. We’ll take you through the plan, ensuring you understand every aspect as well as explaining any costs, risks and tax implications.

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Implementation Meeting

When and only when you give us the green light, we’ll put our recommendations into action. We’ll take away the stress of administration by dealing with providers directly. Relax whilst we bring your plans to life; creating a clear and concise plan focused on your goals.

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Ongoing Review

As we all know, nothing in life is certain. Whilst your plan is built to weather most storms, we make sure that there is room for flexibility and change. We’ll arrange review meetings to ensure your plan is working to your needs and against changes in taxation, legislation and your personal situation. This way, you can be confident in us to keep your end goal on track, no matter what uncertainty life throws at you.

Your journey starts here

Regardless of financial health and circumstances, we have segmented our clients in three stages. Whichever stage of life you are in, it is never too late to start funding a brighter future for you and your family.

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Young Accumulators

Helping you lay the foundations for the financial future you desire. We’ll help you understand the complexities of mortgages, the importance of having the appropriate protection in place and the benefits of regular savings & investments.

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Mature Adulthood

Providing assistance and support when moving into your dream family home, understanding of how to plan for your children’s education and how you can have sufficient financial protection now and in the future.

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Golden Years

Consolidating your various savings and retirement plans you may have put in place as you approach retirement to ensure you can continue living your lifestyle. Setting out your next generation through comprehensive and cohesive inheritance tax planning.

our client stories

We’ve helped others just like you

No one can demonstrate our successes more than our clients. Working with a wide variety of clients, here are some of the families and people we have helped get closer to their ‘desired lifestyle’.

Initial consultation at no cost

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